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Do you need a website, a domain name or to sell your products and services online?

We can make your Website (desktop and mobile versions), register a Domain Name (you are the owner), provide Hosting (very low rates) and set up Ecommerce (online sales) for you.

We can make a simple one page website or a multi-page site (most sites we make are usually 3-8 pages). A typical one page site would have your logo, at least one photo (or you can just use the photo in the template if we are using a template), info about your product and/or service, contact info including a Google map link (if desired). Minor website updates such as contact info, small text change or a product/service price change are
FREE. Sub pages (linking to the home page) include top banner, links and your supplied info that you want on the page. All webpages are made to a professional standard, tested in major browsers such as Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and for Windows/Mac compatibility keeping in mind how search engines crawl the web. we also include keyword and description meta tags for Google and other search engines. We also submit your finished site to major search engines such as Google. We can do Javascript (mobile sites) and Flash slide shows and rotating bammers, audio & video files, forms, site search, ecommerce set-up, etc. We can make your site with any number of pages and can also make a matching mobile version webpage for the growing number of mobile devices that access the web such as iPhones, Blackberrys, etc. Call us today to discuss your needs at 806-477-9411 or use the form on the Contact Us page..

Price List - Design for the Web

These ar around $35/yr. for common top level domains such as .com, .net and .org. and others are available also such as .co, .us, .info etc. Names are registered in your name so you are the owner of them.

.com The most popular business domain.
.co The new business top level domain.
.net Usually for a network but now used for any business.
.org For non-profit usually.

A domain that means business.

.ca A domain name for Canada

Put your information on the Web.


A domain that's all about you!


Give customers on-the-go access to your site.

.tv for video related website
(actually the top level domain for the Pacific Ocean island nation of Tuvalu)
.ws for general websites
.us All American domain.
prices subject to change

Finding Available Names:
Be sure to search at a registrar or use the form below since just typing in an address in a browser may seemingly show no such address when in fact the website may be down or not created yet.

Shorter names are easier to remember. They can contain dashes and numbers also but these are not recommended.


We can make a simple one page website or a multi-page site (most sites we make are 3-8 pages).
A typical one page site would have your logo, at least one photo
(or you can just use the photo in the template), info about your product and/or service, contact info including a Google map link (if desired). Minor website updates (such as contact info change, small text change or a product/service price change) are free - otherwise at our standard $45/hr. rate. Sub pages (linking to the home page) are $65.00 each and up usually which includes your supplied photo and text to us. Special items are at our $45/hr. rate such as Java programming, slide shows, audio files, forms, ecommerce set-up, etc. Site (any # of pages) also includes keyword & description meta tags & submission to Google. Visit our Templates page to view great templates that we can use to get you up and going fast. Ecommerce (online store) is more involved but we have done simple (via Paypal) to complete online stores. Visit our Portfolio page for links to different types of sites including ecommerce. Of course you can have any number of pages and call them

- cont'd on right

anything you want but a professional organized website works best when well pre-planned. Visit online template sites such as Template Monster or The Template Store to choose a template for your website. We can change the colors and customize these templates for your business or build a website totally from the ground up.

ical 3 page site: Home, Products (or Services) and Contact Us (& map)
Typical 5 page site: Home, About Us (or Bio), Products (or Services), Testimonials and Contact Us (& map).

We also make mobile version webpages suitable for the growing number of cell phones that access the web growing (approximately 3 times faster than PC's) such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and others. We place a script on your home page that detects mobile users and redirects them to a special webpage built for smaller screens so you will not need a separate domain. To see it in action visit dcgraphicsandvideo.com on your smartphone. Some companies do choose to have a separate .mobi domain and we can build you a mobile version of your web presence if you so choose. A basic mobile webpage is included FREE when we build you a website or rebuild an existing site. The free mobile webpage includes your logo, basic information on your product or service, a link to the full site version and contact info (phone, address. email). We can add other info such as photos and a contact form at our standard low $45/hr rate if you prefer, View our Mobile Page for more info.

We can make a banner, ad or button for your website, another site or network to meet any size file dimensions, size and file type needed. We also sharpen content and optimize for a small file size and can make them either static or animated. Our standard $45/hr. rate applies to these.

We can set you up with a full online store or just a simple purchase ability for your customers via Paypal. Whether you need your visitors to subscribe, purchase, register or purchase we can set you up to do it. Call us at 806-477-9411 (or use the form on the Contact Us page) with your specific needs or to discuss options..

Our annual hosting is a low $100.00 (only about 8.33/mo.)
We will set you up with a large 10 GB (minimum) account, large bandwith for heavy traffic on a fast Linux server with 24x7 support, daily backups, website stats, 3 free email addresses (more email addresses can be added for a low fee) and many other features that can be added as needed. Remember that we provide free fast minor website updates. We are a commercial reseller for GoDaddy.com, the world's largest hosting provider so you will get all the benefits of GoDaddy's latest technology and support..

member of International Webmasters Association and Texas Professional Photographers Association

Listed in the National Web Design Directory and Resourcelinks Business Directory